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The Big Bang Theory (Explained)

Ok, Do you want to try and have a better understanding on how everything started? Watch this video and we will talk about it in class.


Galaxies (by Hubble telescope)

Here you go. Have fun!


More resources for you

Hi Everyone!

I have just added a new PowerPoint presentation for you. It has information, images and videos about Stars, light years, black holes, nebulas, the milky way. Use the Science Resources link and enjoy!

New Section

I just want to inform you that there is a new section. I have called it “Places”, and it has cool pages where you can explore and investigate the Universe with great websites. Have fun with it!

Science Resources


I just created a new section on the blog. It´s called “Science Resources”. I will use it to share class contents with you. Right now, you already have a great presentation that explains very clearly many things about the solar system, tides, phases of the moon, and so on. C´mon! what are you waiting for?

Geocentric model versus Heliocentric model

Here I leave you with a video (created by students) that explains the differences between the Geocentric theory and the Heliocentric theory. Enjoy!

Galileo Galilei

Soo, here I am posting a video that will help you understand the importance of Galileo Galilei´s work.




Humm, Sooo, what´s a supernova? Aha, you will need to investigate that! But, as it turns out, these days, you can see one at night! That´s pretty cool, don´t you think? Find out more information clicking HERE. Do you want to watch a Supernova? Here you go!

Welcome to our Natural Science Blog!

New year, new information, and here we are. This will be a central location for all information that interests you, regarding Natural Sciences. You can comment, you can explore, watch videos and search for help in your adventure. Good luck!