Monthly Archives: October 2011

The Importance of Archimedes

Here is a cool video that shows you some of the most espectacular inventions and findings of the great matematician Archimedes:


Dwarf planet Eris about Pluto’s size and one of the solar system’s brightest objects,0,6101561.story

New Plantet is Born, Scientists Observe

Scientists have discovered the birth of a new planet. Interested? Click here.

How fast is the Universe expanding? Nobel Prize winners have the answer

The 2011 nobel prize winners in Physics have been studying the expansion of the Universe for many years now. Their discovery is the greatest in the last 25 years. Two different teams studied the same sets of data to check their work and make sure it was done correctly. The conclusion? The universe is getting bigger much faster than anybody thought before. Read the story from National Geographic.

Moon, Eclipses, Tides

Here´s information about the Moon, Eclipses and Tides. You can also download this presentation from the Resources section.


Phases of the Moon

This video shows you the different phases of the Moon.

Moon Rotation and Orbit

Did you know we only see one side of the Moon? The other side never faces the Earth. Huh! Interesting! Here I am showing you a video that explains why that happens.

What causes the Earth´s Seasons?

Why is it winter in Spain, and Summer in Australia? Why is it winter in Argentina and Summer in France? Watch this video to find out:

Three Earth years in Mars (captured in pictures)

Would you like to see what the Mars Rover vehicle has done for the last three years? Of course you do!

So you know, the Mars Opportunity Rover has been travelling 21 kilometres, from Crater Victoria to Endeavour Crater.

Sooo, here it is. Enjoy!