1º ESO experiences first lab visit

Yesterday, students from both Natural Science classes went to the laboratory to study, first hand, how to follow scientific protocols while performing lab experiments. Everyone was excited and truly concentrated on their task. By the way, they calculated the density of a particular liquid: milk. Now, it is their responsibility to produce a quality lab report, explaining their findings and how they got them.

Good luck to you guys, and I leave you with some pictures. Enjoy

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  1. jajajaja it’s nice work!

  2. yes I think the same like andrea I think that experiment like many people=D

  3. I don’t untherstand the exercice 3.4.5 of the unit
    someone can help me? plese

    • rafaelgarcialopez

      Ionic bonds have definite shapes, and covalent bonds, because the atoms share electrons, don’t. For this reason, liquids and gases are usually covalent bonds. Also, check the study material page where you find salt (ionic) and wax (covalent).

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