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Pictures from the lab practice

I sent you a link with the pictures from the electrolisis lab practice. Check your e-mail to see the pictures.

See you in class.


1º ESO experiences first lab visit

Yesterday, students from both Natural Science classes went to the laboratory to study, first hand, how to follow scientific protocols while performing lab experiments. Everyone was excited and truly concentrated on their task. By the way, they calculated the density of a particular liquid: milk. Now, it is their responsibility to produce a quality lab report, explaining their findings and how they got them.

Good luck to you guys, and I leave you with some pictures. Enjoy

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BBC News – Liquid living worms survive space

Guys, this is pretty cool.

New NASA rover on its way to Mars

Check this out. The new NASA Mars rover will travel 9 months in space, and make an spectacular landing in Mars. You want to see this video.

1º ESO Visits granja-escuela Kiriko

Well, yesterday, Thursday, November 17th, we went for a day visit to the granja-escuela Kiriko for the entire day. We had a fabulous day, sunny from beginning to end. Over there, we observed and learned about the need to use resources adequately so that next generations may find a healthy planet when we are gone.

We took pictures!

Would you like to see them? Go to the Secondary education portal, where we published them! Click here: Secundary Education Portal.

New Digital Magazine from Atlántico Students

A new magazine is born. The students from 1º Bachirellato have created The Atlantic Sekret, under the coordination of Marcos García. A tremendous effort and amazing result. Check it out here:

A very big asteroid will pass near the Earth next week

Un asteroide del tamaño de un portaviones pasará cerca de la Tierra la próxima semana –

Dwarf planet Eris about Pluto’s size and one of the solar system’s brightest objects,0,6101561.story

New Plantet is Born, Scientists Observe

Scientists have discovered the birth of a new planet. Interested? Click here.

How fast is the Universe expanding? Nobel Prize winners have the answer

The 2011 nobel prize winners in Physics have been studying the expansion of the Universe for many years now. Their discovery is the greatest in the last 25 years. Two different teams studied the same sets of data to check their work and make sure it was done correctly. The conclusion? The universe is getting bigger much faster than anybody thought before. Read the story from National Geographic.