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Useful things for you.

Chemical Bonds, by Carlota

This is Carlota´s presentation on Chemical Bonds. Keep it for your study material guys.




Chemical Bonds and Chemical Reactions, by Sara

Here is Sara´s excellent presentation for your study material. Thank her for her work, as it makes your life easier.

New Presentation on Atoms

Here you have this presentation to help you with your Atomic Matter Unit. If you want to download it, you can do it from the Resources Folder.

Mixtures and solutions

Here is a great resource for you. Enjoy.

Preparing Mixtures

Would you like to observe how to prepare a mixture? Check this out!

Classification of Matter

Work on this interactive excercise to reinforce the concept around classification of matter.

Click HERE to get started.


One more resource to reinforce the concept of density.


Volume and Density

Cool video cartoon that will give you examples on volume and density. Fun! I hope you like it. Let me know in the comments!


Another video demonstrating buoyancy, now with references to density, as we saw in class.

Physical Properties of Matter

Hey guys, watch this video to learn about physical properties of Matter with visual examples. I think you will find it useful.