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BBC News – Liquid living worms survive space

Guys, this is pretty cool.


New NASA rover on its way to Mars

Check this out. The new NASA Mars rover will travel 9 months in space, and make an spectacular landing in Mars. You want to see this video.

A very big asteroid will pass near the Earth next week

Un asteroide del tamaño de un portaviones pasará cerca de la Tierra la próxima semana –

Three Earth years in Mars (captured in pictures)

Would you like to see what the Mars Rover vehicle has done for the last three years? Of course you do!

So you know, the Mars Opportunity Rover has been travelling 21 kilometres, from Crater Victoria to Endeavour Crater.

Sooo, here it is. Enjoy!

The Big Bang Theory (Explained)

Ok, Do you want to try and have a better understanding on how everything started? Watch this video and we will talk about it in class.

Galaxies (by Hubble telescope)

Here you go. Have fun!


Geocentric model versus Heliocentric model

Here I leave you with a video (created by students) that explains the differences between the Geocentric theory and the Heliocentric theory. Enjoy!

Galileo Galilei

Soo, here I am posting a video that will help you understand the importance of Galileo Galilei´s work.




Humm, Sooo, what´s a supernova? Aha, you will need to investigate that! But, as it turns out, these days, you can see one at night! That´s pretty cool, don´t you think? Find out more information clicking HERE. Do you want to watch a Supernova? Here you go!