The Periodic Table Presentation

Ok, Here is the presentation we used today to talk about the periodic table. For your enjoyment. Don´t have too much fun with it.

Also, if you want to explore another interactive website for the elements, go to:


John Dalton´s Atomic Model, animated

Click on this link, and enjoy the animation, my friends.

The Periodic Table

You can explore the properties of each element in this website. Also, I give you here a large, high quality version of the periodic table. Enjoy!

The Rutherford Experiment

Rutherford was able to discover the positive and negative charges inside an atom with this experiment. Check it out with attention!

New Presentation on Atoms

Here you have this presentation to help you with your Atomic Matter Unit. If you want to download it, you can do it from the Resources Folder.

John Dalton´s Atomic Theory

Here I leave you with John Dalton´s atomic theory. Happy new year!


Mixtures and solutions

Here is a great resource for you. Enjoy.

Preparing Mixtures

Would you like to observe how to prepare a mixture? Check this out!

Classification of Matter

Work on this interactive excercise to reinforce the concept around classification of matter.

Click HERE to get started.

My first lab experience, according to Blanca

In my opinion, my first experiment in all my life was wonderful!

We went to the lab with our teachers (Rafa and Mónica) and we learned many things about the scientific method. For example: the scientists always use the same instrument not to make mistakes. The most interesting was the experiment and I think that a lost of people think like me.

I liked the entire experiment, but the idea of creating a scientific report is no fun!

For a first experiment, I think that I did very well with my partner, Manuel. This is what we did to measure the density of milk:

We have a beaker with 250 ml of milk.


1.- We measure the test tube without milk= 138 g.

2.- We put milk in the test tube (20 ml in volume)

3.- We measure it= 156.1- 138 (that is the weight of the empty test tube) = 18.1 g

With those measurements, we calculated the density using the formula.

I liked this experiment very very much and I wish that everybody feels the same way!!!